Tabatha Andrews and Charlotte Harding. Commissioned by Science Gallery London for the Spare Parts exhibition

Performed by Charlotte Harding (cajon) and Victoria Oruwari (voice) 15th March 2019

Anti-phon. Opposite-voice.

 Andrews and Harding explore the process of listening in a phenomenal sound work occupying the basement of the stairwell of Science Gallery London. Drawing on the rich history of call and response chanting, Antiphon interweaves sound and silence, ascension and descension, while calling on our otoacoustic emissions- tiny sounds our ears make in response to external sounds. The score reflects the stair-like, ‘chiastic’ structure of mirroring and opposites used in song and literature.

Antiphon was also a Greek thinker who wrote the first book of dream interpretations in the 4th Century BC.  

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